All About “The Brotherhood of the Bell”

Dear Incredible Inman: I remember seeing a movie with the idea that there is a “committee” or group who pretty much controls the political scene worldwide. I seem to remember that this group has been around for the long term and when one leaves, usually by death, the remainder determines his successor … am I dreaming this? – Mary, via e-mail

Dear Mary: Sounds to me like “The Brotherhood of the Bell,” a 1970 TV movie with Glenn Ford, Rosemary Forsyth and Dean Jagger. Ford plays a professor who finds himself pulled back into the society he joined as a college student, only to find he doesn’t like doing Jagermeister shots as much as he used to.

All About “Snowfire”

Mr. Inman: In the early 1960s when I was young and they still had drive-in theaters I remember seeing a movie in which the plot centered around this pure white wild mustang. At one point when the foreman or father was going to brand the horse they told the little girl in the film that the branding wouldn’t hurt. Well while everybody was in the house the little girl sneaks out and she is going to brand herself…since it doesn’t hurt. The people rush out and stop her from doing it. I don’t remember any of the actors. I hope you can help me find out the name of this movie and whether it is available on DVD. – M.F.C., via e-mail

Dear M.F.C.: That’s the 1958 film “Snowfire,” a low-budget number that starred Don Megowan, Molly McGowan and Claire Kelly. Snowfire was played by King the Horse Cotton.

It’s not on DVD, but it is on Amazon Streaming Video.

Jake Gyllenhaal Was in “City Slickers”

Dear Dave: Was that a young Jake Gyllenhaal I saw as one of the children in “City Slickers”? Also, I recently saw the film “Jesus Christ Superstar” and could not figure out where the outdoor scenes were filmed. Do you know where this film was made? Thanks bunches! – H.H., Louisville

Dear H.H.: Good catch – Gyllenhaal played one of Billy Crystal’s sons in that 1991 film.

And “Jesus Christ Superstar” was filmed in Israel.

“Nerak” Was in “Watcher in the Woods”

Dear David: I saw a movie about 25 years ago about a group of kids who went into a building that had a big bell inside and they were doing an initiation of some kind and a girl vanished. Then years later a group of kids were visiting that town on a school bus and a girl wrote “Nerak” on the bus window (Karen spelled backwards) and the girl’s mom, who was standing outside of the bus saw the name “Karen,” which was the name of her daughter who had vanished. They decided to do another initiation and her daughter reappeared looking the same way she did when she vanished. Do you know the name of the movie and if it’s available on video or DVD so that I can watch it again? – H.G., via e-mail

Dear H.G.: That’s the 1980 film “Watcher in the Woods,” with Bette Davis, Lynn Holly Johnson and David McCallum.

It’s on video and DVD.

Walls Lined With Razor Blades? “Tales From the Crypt”

Dear Incredible: When I was in high school in the late 1970s there was a movie/TV show about a man who eventually “got his” in the basement of a house. All the lights were out and there were razor blades all along the walls so that whenever he lost his balance or tried to find his way he got cut up. I think it might have been part of a three-part movie. I may be mixing up several different movies but this one is driving me crazy. Can you please help? – Tammy, New Albany, IN

Dear Tammy: What you saw was the 1972 film “Tales From the Crypt,” a collection of short stories tied together with Sir Ralph Richardson as the Crypt Keeper. The story to which you refer is called “Blind Alleys,” about a corrupt man who runs a school for the blind and keeps the funds for himself until the students decide to strike back by going without shaving for three years. Nigel Patrick plays the bad guy.

“Because of You”

Dear David Inman: Many years ago, I saw a movie with Jeff Chandler and Loretta Young. They were married and had a child, but something happened that made her leave the marriage, so she joined a magician that went to birthday parties to entertain the children. She did that so she could see her child. Can you give me the name of the movie? – R.E., Rochester, NY

Dear R.E.: Awwww.

That’s the 1952 film “Because of You,” although the complete title should be “Because of You I’m a Magician’s Assistant.”

Anyway, the cast also includes Gayle Reed as the child and Harry B. Mendoza as the magician.

“Bwana Devil” Was in Thrilling 3-D!

Dear Inman: When I was a teenager growing up in Louisville, I saw a 3D movie at a downtown theatre. I think they touted it as the first 3D movie ever made. The title I believe was “Bwana ———-.” Can you verify or discredit this? – Don, via e-mail

Dear Don: That’s “Bwana Devil,” a 1952 film. It’s set in Kenya, where efforts to build a railroad are constantly being thwarted by two very hungry lions who, in true 3D tradition, leap at the screen a lot.

The non-lion actors in the film include Robert Stack, Nigel Bruce and everyone’s favorite, Kalu K. Sonkur, as “Karparim.” Here’s the preview:

“The Monolith Monsters” Were Made of Rocks

Dear Mr. Inman: I vividly remember a monster movie from the 1950s about the world being taken over by giant rocks. Sounds weird, but it’s true! The rocks absorbed something from a rainstorm and grew huge, and then fell over and broke into pieces, which then grew into giant rocks! Put it this way – I still don’t like being around gravel. Can you tell me the name of the movie and if it’s on video? – Jack, Boston

Dear Jack: There, there.

That’s the 1959 classic – um, semi-classic – um, kind of classic – um, cheesefest called “The Monolith Monsters.” It stars Grant Williams, Lola Albright and, as the monsters, the Rolling Stones.

Ha! Ha!

Here’s the entire movie:

It’s on video.

Poison Blackberries Were in “The Good Girl”

Dear David Inman: This is making me insane. On Easter Sunday I was making a dessert and I was adding blackberries. Then a movie popped into my head about a woman who stopped at a roadside stand, bought blackberries ate them and died. My sisters, who are all movie buffs, looked at me like I was an idiot. I know I saw this movie! Please help! – T.B, Louisville

Dear T.B..: First, just let me say that if I’m invited to your house next Easter, I’m skipping the fruit.

The movie you are recalling is the 2002 film “The Good Girl,” with Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllenhaal. One of Aniston’s co-workers, played by Deborah Rush, eats the bad blackberries, and when her relationship with Gyllenhaal starts to go wrong, Aniston’s character considers feeding him the berries as well.

“The Enchanted Cottage”

Dear Inman: I am trying to remember an old black and white movie about a couple who were both considered either ugly or disfigured by other people. Yet when they looked at each other they were young and pretty. Can you tell me the title and if it’s on DVD? – G.L.W., via e-mail

Dear G.L.W.: So to the outside world they seem ugly? It sounds like every “Real Housewives” series on Bravo.

Oh, it IS a movie!

It’s “The Enchanted Cottage,” a 1945 film with Robert Young and Dorothy McGuire as the couple. And it’s on DVD.