Possibly Judgmental Octomom Post

This is a first in contemporary television history — The Hollywood Reporter reports that apparently Octomom Nadia Suleman is so crazy that no TV network wants to work with her on a miniseries.

Let me repeat — No. TV. Network.

Do you realize how crazy that is? That is crazy on a stratospheric level, light years beyond Flavor Flav or Rod Blagojevich. That’s DEFCON 4 crazy. Not even cable channel TLC is interested, and as the Reporter says, “that’s TLC, mind you — a network that last weekend aired “The Woman with Giant Legs,” “Autistic Twin Savants,” “Girl Who Never Grew” and, everybody’s favorite, “Paralyzed and Pregnant.” ”

Television is about money, and for crazy to trump money is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Remember this day so you can tell your grandchildren.

Whatchoo Talkin’ About, George Will?

Today conservative columnist George Will — the guy with the horn-rimmed glasses and bow ties — declares his disdain for denim. Shock. “For men, sartorial good taste can be reduced to one rule,” he writes. “If Fred Astaire would not have worn it, don’t wear it.”

You miss the point, George.

It was what was INSIDE Fred Astaire — some kind of otherworldly combination of grace and equilibrium — that made him seem so cool. He would have looked just as elegant and at ease in blue jeans as in a dinner jacket. He worked his Astaire off on his dance numbers, but he never showed it — it would be unprofessional. All you saw was the finished product — a product so good that we still write about it 75 years later. And not because he wore tuxedos.

Today in TV History

April 8, 1968: Tonight’s NBC special with Petula Clark and guest star Harry Belafonte contains male-female black-white physical contact. It happens when, during a duet, Clark spontaneously touches Belafonte’s arm. Representatives of the show’s sponsor, Chevrolet, insist the duet be cut out of the show. Clark refuses, it airs and America doesn’t blow up.

Today in TV History

April 1, 2005: Peter Jennings anchors what will be his final “ABC World News Tonight” broadcast. In a few days, he will announce that he has begun treatment for lung cancer, and he will pass away in August.