Right Guard and the Double-Sided Medicine Cabinet

Right Guard

Dear Incred-I: A group of friends were discussing what we think was a TV show where one of the characters would open up a medicine cabinet that looked into another bathroom and he would carry on conversations with the guy on that side. Several of us remember this, but no one remembers the name of the show. Can you help? – Failing Memory

Dear F.M.: That was no TV show, that was a commercial!

It was actually a series of commercials for Right Guard deodorant that ran in the early 1970s. Bill Fiore played a guy who shared a bathroom medicine cabinet with a jolly fellow played by Chuck McCann, who would sing the praises of Right Guard and say things like, “One shot and I’m good for the whole day!” He also greeted Fiore with the phrase, “Hi, Guy,” which became a kind of national mini-craze for about two weeks.

“How I Met Your Mother”

Dear Incredible Inman: What’s the name of the song that played at the end of the January 12 episode of “How I Met Your Mother”? – R.E., Boston

Dear R.E.: The song is “No More Wishing” by Hayley Taylor.

Here’s the video: