Today in TV History

August 5, 1957: After becoming popular as a local show in Philadelphia, “American Bandstand” moves to the ABC network, running each afternoon until switching to a weekly broadcast in 1963. Here’s a clip from 1958 of The Big Bopper doing “Chantilly Lace.”

Today in TV History

August 4, 1983: Somehow the videotape of today’s episode of “Search for Tomorrow” is “lost,” so the cast has to assemble and do a live broadcast of the show for the first time since 1967. Later some doubt will be cast on whether the tape (and a backup) were lost, or whether this was a publicity stunt to goose the soap’s failing ratings. If it’s a stunt, it doesn’t work, and “Search for Tomorrow” will go off the air in 1986.

Here’s a clip of “Search for Tomorrow” from the early 1950s, with — really — Don Knotts:

So Long, Mitch

If you’re of a certain age, you remember Mitch Miller, the guy with the goatee who led 87 overweight white guys in v-neck sweaters on “Sing Along With Mitch” each week on NBC. He died over the weekend just as one of his recordings was being used on an episode of “Mad Man.” Here’s his obit.