Why Is Ziva Leaving “NCIS”?

Mr. Inman: I’m writing about one of my favorite TV shows. What is happening with the cast of “NCIS”? First a female agent is killed by a sniper, then Gibbs’s mentor is murdered and now Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) is being dropped. Do you have any insight regarding Ms. de Pablo? – H.M., Franklin, TN

Dear H.M.: De Pablo is leaving “NCIS” by her choice. She will appear on a few episodes to wrap up her character’s storyline.

The “Quantum Leap” Story

Dear David Inman: I remember a show that starred Patrick Swayze as a character who would go back in time but he would take the form of another person, sometimes even a woman. Can you tell me the title of the show and when it ran? – Kyle, Milton, FL

Dear Kyle: Sounds like “Quantum Leap,” which ran on NBC from 1989-93. Swayze wasn’t in the show; our hero was Scott Bakula. He played a physicist named Sam Beckett who became lost in time as a result of an experiment gone wrong. Sam’s sidekick was a hologram named Al, played by Dean Stockwell. Sam’s travels were mostly during the 20th century, giving the producers a chance to make lots of references to the pop culture and music of the time.

Here’s the show opening: