“Partners in Crime” Teamed Loni Anderson and Lynda Carter, and Not Many People Cared

March 14, 2009

partnersDear Inman: At a recent weekend barbecue, a group of us started discussing really bad TV shows. One person brought up “The San Pedro Beach Bums,” and then I mentioned there was a show starring Loni Anderson and Lynda Carter as private detectives – all I remember about the show is them chasing criminals in evening gowns and high heels in the streets of San Francisco. Do you remember the name? It was on NBC in the 1980s. – K.K., Westmont, NJ

Dear K.K.: The show was “Partners in Crime,” and to be fair, the whole evening gowns thing was kind of tongue-in-cheek.

Anderson played Sydney Kovak and Carter played Carole Stanwyck. Both of them were ex-wives of a detective who had been murdered. He bequeathed his agency and his rundown house to both of them, with instructions for a 50-50 split. Therefore, according to primetime TV logic, they had no choice but to become detectives themselves.

Alas, we never got to see how everything turned out, because the show ran only from September to December 1984, never to be heard from again, except at certain backyard cookouts in New Jersey.

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