The Disappearance of Tina Pinciotti From “That ’70s Show”

fullerDear David Inman: We caught on to “That ‘70s Show” a little late. We love the show but have no idea whatever happened to Donna’s little sister. She wasn’t in very many episodes. So where did the young Pinciotti go? – Connie, via e-mail

Dear Connie: This may surprise you, but Hollywood producers are kind of cynical. They think that if they drop a character from a TV series, most viewers won’t notice or care and are therefore owed no explanation!

This callous disregard of the audience’s sensibilities and contempt for their intelligence has resulted in the unexplained loss of Chuck Cunningham from “Happy Days” (the oldest Cunningham son, who was dropped when Fonzie became the oldest son in all but name); or of Judy Winslow from “Family Matters” (dropped when the series switched to an all-Urkel format). Also, not many people realize that “Eight Is Enough” was originally titled “Twenty-Seven Is Enough” until the producers decided that more than a dozen children would never be seen again.

All right, that last one didn’t happen, but the other two did.

The point is, little Tina Pinciotti (played by Amanda Fuller) appeared only once on “That ‘70s Show” (episode six, “Eric’s Burger Job”) and then went away.

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5 Replies to “The Disappearance of Tina Pinciotti From “That ’70s Show””

  1. gad–THAT kid musta been pissed when they dropped her character and then the show went on for 8 years-and all the other cast members became multi millionaires off of it
    -another pete best (drummer kicked out of the beatles five minutes before they hit WORLD-big)
    -she was PLAYING a 14 year old
    (and they musta decided there wasn’t enough oxygen left in the show for a teenybopper, after the writers used it all up on the 4 parents, the six high school kids, and the one college girl (eric’s older sister)
    yet GET THIS: mila kunis, who played jackie, actually WAS only 14
    so that musta really hurt

    (when they asked her (mila kunis) how old she was, during the first audition, she said: “i’m going to be 18”
    which was technically true, since she didn’t die within 4 years)

  2. oh my GAWD!
    -watching the second episode of THAT SEVENTIES SHOW–called eric’s
    birthday party
    and, i never noticed this before, but midge (bob, the next door neighbor’s
    wife, donna’s mother) is talking to eric’s mom and she says: “i know how you feel, when
    valerie went off to college i really missed her!”
    which means those idiot writers were, at this point, thinking about bringing
    in an OLDER sister, fo donna—and COMMITTED to it enough to actually
    mention her existence–but then, by the SIXTH episode, had decided to
    hit the teenybopper crowd with a YOUNGER daughter, instead–and then
    changed their minds AGAIN, eventually, and just decided to leave her as
    an only child
    because VALERIE is never mentioned again, either!

    two disappeared children in one family
    someone REALLY ought to call the cops or child protective services, or something!

  3. She was mentioned one more time when Midge tells Kitty about the book of poems that helped her when Tina went away to school.

  4. Dudes .. didn’t anyone ever think this? If Donna was conceived in a back seat before marriage (probably midge losing her virginity then), how did she have an elder sis?

  5. Tina was mentioned in episode by the soap opera announcer when Red and midge were watching a,soap opera on the couch

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