“The Monolith Monsters” Were Made of Rocks

Dear Mr. Inman: I vividly remember a monster movie from the 1950s about the world being taken over by giant rocks. Sounds weird, but it’s true! The rocks absorbed something from a rainstorm and grew huge, and then fell over and broke into pieces, which then grew into giant rocks! Put it this way – I still don’t like being around gravel. Can you tell me the name of the movie and if it’s on video? – Jack, Boston

Dear Jack: There, there.

That’s the 1959 classic – um, semi-classic – um, kind of classic – um, cheesefest called “The Monolith Monsters.” It stars Grant Williams, Lola Albright and, as the monsters, the Rolling Stones.

Ha! Ha!

Here’s the entire movie:

It’s on video.

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