All About “Jason of Star Command”

Dear Inman: As a kid in the late 1970s I remember a Saturday morning show that was live action (real people, not cartoons) and set in space. Seems like one of the guys from “Star Trek” was on it. Name and details, please? – Excellent Ted, via e-mail

Dear E.T.: Methinks you mean “Jason of Star Command,” a little cheeseball of a show that ran on CBS from 1978-80. Jason was played by Craig Littler and the man in charge was Commander Canarvin, played by James Doohan, aka Scotty on “Star Trek.” For the second season, he was replaced by John Russell as Commander Stone. The female interests were Capt. Nicole Davidoff (Susan Pratt O’Hanlon) in season one and Samantha (Tamara Dobson) in season two. Apparently there was high turnover at Star Command.

The enemy, in both seasons, was the evil Drago, played by veteran B-movie bad guy Sid Haig.

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