Walls Lined With Razor Blades? “Tales From the Crypt”

Dear Incredible: When I was in high school in the late 1970s there was a movie/TV show about a man who eventually “got his” in the basement of a house. All the lights were out and there were razor blades all along the walls so that whenever he lost his balance or tried to find his way he got cut up. I think it might have been part of a three-part movie. I may be mixing up several different movies but this one is driving me crazy. Can you please help? – Tammy, New Albany, IN

Dear Tammy: What you saw was the 1972 film “Tales From the Crypt,” a collection of short stories tied together with Sir Ralph Richardson as the Crypt Keeper. The story to which you refer is called “Blind Alleys,” about a corrupt man who runs a school for the blind and keeps the funds for himself until the students decide to strike back by going without shaving for three years. Nigel Patrick plays the bad guy.

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