“Nerak” Was in “Watcher in the Woods”

Dear David: I saw a movie about 25 years ago about a group of kids who went into a building that had a big bell inside and they were doing an initiation of some kind and a girl vanished. Then years later a group of kids were visiting that town on a school bus and a girl wrote “Nerak” on the bus window (Karen spelled backwards) and the girl’s mom, who was standing outside of the bus saw the name “Karen,” which was the name of her daughter who had vanished. They decided to do another initiation and her daughter reappeared looking the same way she did when she vanished. Do you know the name of the movie and if it’s available on video or DVD so that I can watch it again? – H.G., via e-mail

Dear H.G.: That’s the 1980 film “Watcher in the Woods,” with Bette Davis, Lynn Holly Johnson and David McCallum.

It’s on video and DVD.

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