All About “Here Come the Brides”

Dear Mr. Inman: As a young man I loved the TV show “Here Come the Brides.” But all I remember now is that it had Bobby Sherman and an awesome theme song. Can you fill in the details? – G.W.N., via e-mail

Dear G.W.N.: “Here Come the Brides” ran on ABC from 1968-70, and its theme song, “In Seattle,” was a hit for Perry Como in the late 1960s.

The show was set in 1880s Seattle, where the Bolt brothers – Jason (Robert Brown), Joshua (David Soul) and Jeremy (Bobby Sherman) – were running a timber company. But the local lumberjacks desired female company, so the Bolts sailed to New Bedford, Massachusetts and came back with a bunch of prospective brides for the men. The Bolts were in hock to lumber tycoon Aaron Stempel, who financed the expedition, and if any of the women decided to return to the east, the Bolt boys would forfeit their company to Stempel.

Before you could say “knothole,” Jeremy fell in love with Candy Pruitt (Bridget Hanley), adding to the romantic drama. And local bar owner Lottie (Joan Blondell) kept a close eye on everything. The supporting cast also included Candy’s best friend Biddie (Susan Tolsky) and Clancy (Henry Beckman), the
captain of a ship that never seemed to go anywhere.

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