Bill Cosby and His TV Wife

March 13, 2009

cosbyDear Mr. Inman: Can you tell me who played the wife of Bill Cosby on the sitcom he had after “The Cosby Show”? My husband says it was Gladys Knight but I don’t think so. – C.J., Jeffersonville, IN

Dear C.J.: After “The Cosby Show” Bill Cosby moved on to “Cosby,” which ran on CBS from 1996-2000. To play his wife, he wanted an actress he would feel comfortable with, so he approached Phylicia Rashad, who also played his wife on “The Cosby Show,” and she accepted.

Your confusion may stem from the fact that Gladys Knight played the wife-mother on another family sitcom, “Charlie and Company,” which ran briefly on CBS in 1985-86. Flip Wilson was the husband-dad.

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