An “Animal House” TV Series? Yes

Dear David: We were recently watching “Animal House” and I remarked that it was also made into a TV series. No one believed me! Please tell them my memory is still functioning. – R.W., Rochester, NY

Dear R.W.: Kids, pull your chairs up reeeal close to the simulated pot-bellied stove with the virtual fire burning inside while the olllllld storyteller tells you the tale about the three “Animal House” sitcoms that came and went waaaay back in the winter of ’79.

We used to light our candles and sit around the TV in those days, and on January 18, 1979 we saw the “authorized” sitcom version of “Animal House,” called “Delta House.” It had several actors from the movie, including John Vernon as Dean Wormer, Stephen Furst as Flounder and Bruce McGill as D-Day. Also in the cast was a young starlet named – Michelle Pfeiffer!

“Delta House” ran until that April on ABC. The CBS entry into the ripoff sweepstakes was “Co-Ed Fever,” which began and ended on February 4, 1979, since nobody watched it. And the NBC entry was called “Brothers and Sisters,” which featured Chris Lemmon and Mary Crosby, and went away in the spring of 1979 as well.

See how learning can be fun, kids?


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  1. Dear Incredible, just got back in town from a two-week vacation and am catching up on old newpapers; I was shocked to see that your column has been dropped by the C-J. Reading it was one of my highlights each day, with your clever wit and pop culture references. I often read a question or answer that jogged my memory with something I hadn’t thought of for years (“Bad Ronald,” anyone?). I’ve tried to sign up for emails but keep receiving a message that, “the site is not enabled for email feed.” If possible, please add me to your email alerts and, in the meantime, I’ll keep your site bookmarked and hope to see you in a paper soon! Thanks for many years of enjoyable columns. Kathy

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