Who’s Left on “Grey’s Anatomy”?

Dear David Inman: My wife and I and half of our bingo buddies believe all the actors on “Grey’s Anatomy,” who were shown in the airplane crash on the season finale, died. However, the other half of our bingo friends say NO WAY, most of them lived. Believe me, it’s a heated problem. PLEASE HELP. – Ernie and Pat, via e-mail

Dear Ernie and Pat: Well, no one associated with “Grey’s Anatomy” is saying for sure, but the prevailing wisdom seems to be that only one doctor – Lexie Gray, played by Chyler Leigh — was killed and that everyone else will be back. Again, nothing is set in stone, but most observers feel that the rest of the cast will be back, so please return to bingo just as if nothing had happened.

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