All About “Snowfire”

Mr. Inman: In the early 1960s when I was young and they still had drive-in theaters I remember seeing a movie in which the plot centered around this pure white wild mustang. At one point when the foreman or father was going to brand the horse they told the little girl in the film that the branding wouldn’t hurt. Well while everybody was in the house the little girl sneaks out and she is going to brand herself…since it doesn’t hurt. The people rush out and stop her from doing it. I don’t remember any of the actors. I hope you can help me find out the name of this movie and whether it is available on DVD. – M.F.C., via e-mail

Dear M.F.C.: That’s the 1958 film “Snowfire,” a low-budget number that starred Don Megowan, Molly McGowan and Claire Kelly. Snowfire was played by King the Horse Cotton.

It’s not on DVD, but it is on Amazon Streaming Video.

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  1. hey i am aravind….i kept my name as snowfire,i dont know why? but i like this name…every frnds call me as snowfire aravind….today i was so eager to search about snowfire…thats y i comment this….now only i know its a movie name

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