Was Paul Harvey in the Movies?

Hello Mr. Inman: I’ve been watching a lot of Turner Classic Movies lately (the most recent one was “The Petrified Forest” with Bette Davis), and I occasionally see the name “Paul Harvey” listed in the credits. I’m wondering if this is the Paul Harvey of radio fame. I say yes; my brother disagrees. A round of golf hangs in the balance. Can you tell us if the famous Mr. Harvey ever appeared in a movie? – Troy, Berlin, MD

Dear Troy: Oh, so you want to hear the rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrest of the story, eh?

Allow me to introduce you to Roy Paul Harvey, born in Sandwich, Illinois in 1882. He died in 1955 at age 73, and among his many film credits are “Spellbound,” “Father of the Bride” and, yes, “The Petrified Forest.”

As you have no doubt surmised, he is not the same person as radio Paul Harvey, who passed away in 2009. Radio Paul Harvey played an announcer in two movies – 1998’s “Everything That Rises” and 1986’s “The Right of the People.”

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  1. Roy Paul Harvey, who went by Paul, is a relative of mine. He was the half brother of my grandfather, Hubert Robbins. He died four years before I was born, so I never knew him, but I have inherited a cathedral radio that belonged to him as well as the china and stemware that he and his wife, Ottye owned at one time. All items were given to me and/or my mother by my grandmother, Viola Robbins. After my mother’s death in 2008, I ended up with whatever my mother had inherited. I have a scrap book that my grandmother put together in 1974 that has numerous newspaper clippings of him pictured with Nancy Davis (who would later become Nancy Reagan), Doris Day, Danny Kaye, and others. I also have the original copy of the letter written by newsman Paul Harvey to my grandfather upon the death of his brother, (Roy) Paul Harvey.

  2. He is actually my uncle! he was good friends with lucille ball and elizabeth taylor he also danced with Nancy Reagan! He also made these amazing puzzles! i am an actress too and i hope to follow in his foot steps!

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