Remember Big Shot Sprayable Chocolate Syrup?

bigshotGood morning, Mr. Incredible: I have wracked what is left of my brain and killed a whole day at work on the company computer searching for a product from my childhood. I seem to remember a chocolate milk product called Hot Shot. I think it came in a tall can, and it may have been an aerosol container sort of like another childhood favorite, Cheese Whiz. Can you help? – Bruce, via e-mail

Dear Bruce: Hey, your boss just called. You’re fired!

Ha ha, just kidding.

And just to set the record straight regarding junky snack foods crammed into a can and delivered through the natural goodness of aerosol propulsion, Easy Cheese is the name of the cheese product. Cheez Whiz, by contrast, is in a simple jar and suffers from aerosol envy.

The chocolate-like, aerosol-propelled liquidish milk additive was called Big Shot, and it was introduced to America’s young gourmands in 1963 to fight it out with such competitors as Hershey’s Syrup, Bosco, Nestle’s Quik and Ovaltine, only to get knocked on its can.

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23 Replies to “Remember Big Shot Sprayable Chocolate Syrup?”

  1. I clearly remember. “Big Shot” in the 60’s or early 70’s loved it! Talk about a melonchy trip down memory lane.

  2. I remember this chocolate syrup growing up. If I do recall there was an issue with another company called Raid, that had brought out a product also called Hot Shot. There was legal actions taken by both sides and Hot Shot Chocolate Syrup got pulled off the shelves. Johnson & Johnson owned Raid at the time. They may still own it I’m not sure. I guess the government didn’t want to have lawsuits from parents that had given their children roach poison instead of chocolate syrup.

  3. This product is what i will not forget. my family used to get Big Shot once in a little while. it was made by Pet Milk.

  4. oh my gosh i remember this stuff and it was soooo good to bad they couldnt bring it back .. the kids now would love it !!! boy does this bring back some memoreys lol

  5. It was fun using this chocolte syrup from this REDI WHIP type can.and without me knowing it….the product disapeared.

  6. This was the most incredible chocolate flavoring in the world. Found a guy online years ago that was selling unopened cans for $80 each. Obviously unedible,but it would have made a great shelf piece. Bring back my Big Shot!

  7. My father worked as a sales manager for Pet Milk and brought home BIG SHOT!What great memories!So proud my dad sold it back in 1963 when I was 4!!

  8. Big shot was the most delicious chocolate drink ever. I found a guy online a couple years ago that was selling fully unused cans for $80 each. I want a can. It would make a great shelf piece. Maybe it’s just my memory from a kids perspective. I remember Big shot being discontinued.. All other syrups were subpar at best to my trained adolescent taste buds bring back BIG SHOT!!!!..

  9. Ahhhhh…. I FINALLY FOUND IT!!! I’ve been looking for this aerosol chocolate for 35 years! I remember the round top, and the taste was awesome. It brings back huge memeories like PDQ flavor crystals, Jello 1-2-3, Frosted milk shakes by Borden, The list goes on. Now to go find this on eBay. THANKS SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS!

  10. I was the Account Executive with the agency that handled the Big Shot advertising account. The product was a booming success in test market. Just as it was being rolled out nationally, there were problems with the valves sticking. As a result, the yield went down increasing the cost per serving. By the time Pet solved the problem, it was too late, the consumers had already stopped buying.

  11. It took me many days of searching and searching for this ! I could only remember a can that looked like a man , when the top was put on it. My sister and mother had no memory of this and wasn’t sure if I was making this up or what ! haha…I’m soooooo glad to have finally found him !! As soon as I saw this picture , I could see him plain as day, sitting on my kitchen counter, in the house I grew up in….I also remember this making GREAT tasting milk !

  12. I am so glad to know I’m not the ONLY person who knows about Big Shot! Everyone that I asked if they remembered Big Shot said no and asked me what it was. I explained it, they still didn’t know what I was talking about. As soon as I saw that picture of it , I thought Thank you I’m not crazy. It brought back some great memories too!

  13. I remember this as a child in South Georgia I am 59 now and must have been about 9 or 10. It made the best chcolate milk hands down. It beat Bosco, Hershey and all the rest at the time. I remember my mother hated it because it was expensive that’s most likley what killed it more than the the Hot Shot bug spray.

  14. I also tried finding the name of this choc syrup. I to as a kid loved it and wish this was brought back to help kids get excited about drinking the good stuff..milk… not the bad stuff… soda. I think the funniest memory I have of this product is… when Mom first brought it home from the store she began to show me how to use the can. Then it became my turn… I shook it but my finger slipped and hit the nosil, man did that choc syrup shoot to the ceiling…. I had a choc puddle on the ceiling it was so funny but mom was so mad…. I so remember that drink mix. Wish they would bring it back

  15. I was one of the child actors that was in the BIG SHOT tv commercial. It was a wonderful product. Sometimes the nozzles would cease up. This was a Pet Milk product. If they could solve the nozzle, America is probably ready for a chocolate that mixes easily in milk.

  16. I drank it while watching “Jonny Quest” on Thursday nights. But, I couldn’t remember the name. Thanks.

  17. Ok! I’m not crazy! My Brother doesn’t remember this product, nor do friends my age. II remember my Mother buying this for us kids and it was the best chocolate milk ever! And of course that wonderful can. I would bug Mom to buy it , then all of sudden it was gone! Wish that someone had this formula to try it again.

  18. Just looking thing over. When this stuff was in development, My friend Bruce’s father invested a lot of money in it….. He got a pre production sample of the stuff. He was rich and we weren’t…. All the kids in the neighborhood loved it…..It was fun, it was called, “Whiz”.. The trouble was….Most of it ended up on the ceiling……..

  19. I remember Big Shot from around 1964 or 1965. And there was a commercial jingle to help kids convince mom and dad to buy it. One of the lines went “After school, what’s the rule? Hot chocolate, with Big Shot!” Those were much happier times.

  20. best chocolate drink I ever had in my whole life and I was a kid, but I do remember it. Today what’s on my mind again and I had to Google it just to find out if it really did exist or was I dreaming. I wish they would bring it back as a child I remember the cans shaped like a robot and it stuck in my mind for over 50 years. Thanks for taking my comment

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